Winter Veil Is Here!

Ho ho ho!

Another year has passed and the time has come again to celebrate the Feast of Winter Veil, Azeroth’s most cheerful and beloved festival! Greatfather Winter approaches Orgrimmar and Ironforge, so be careful not to grief other players and not to misbehave because He Knows If You’ve Been Naughty! The feast will last until January 1st.

This year, the Winter Veil Gift will drop the MiniZep Controller.

As every year, we are not forgetting the special bonuses that we prepare for you during this season ‒ stay tuned for Sunday when we are going to share more news!

In addition, we have prepared an early gift for you: We have created 79 brand new and original transmogrification items! These items will be available in the Donate shop tomorrow, to make your Christmas even better!

We hope you enjoy this Simply Abominable time of the year. Let it snow!

Athena Team