Christmas Bonus Events 🎄

Dear players,

like every year, we are sure many of you are waiting for the special bonuses we offer for your donations, which we are so grateful for as they keep our projects going and allow us to continue to serve our players as best as we can.

The Christmas bonuses will be available from Monday, December 18 to Sunday, December 24. During this time, all items in our donate shop will have a 50% discount, and your donations will have increased ⭐ rewards! As for PayPal donations, the Christmas bonus system will be different from previous years ‒ the more you donate, the higher the bonus! The total rewards you will be able to get while the bonus is active are as follows:

09.99 EUR: 37.5⭐ per 1 EUR
1024.99 EUR: 43.75⭐ per 1 EUR
2549.99 EUR: 50⭐ per 1 EUR
5099.99 EUR: 56.25⭐ per 1 EUR
100 EUR and above: 75⭐ per 1 EUR

We also offer bonuses for those of you who prefer to make donations via bank wire transfer. Every donation made in such a way will benefit from 200% bonus. This means that for 1 EUR you get 75⭐, and for 1 CZK you get 3⭐ (or 300 stars for 100 CZK).

During this cheerful week, our realms will also have all bonus events active, so you can enjoy the usual weekend’s bonus XP, reputation etc. throughout the whole week. In addition, this will also include no in-game auction house fees, and you may also look forward to many special events during this season (like the Screenshot Contest ‒ check out Discord).

Merry Christmas!

TwinStar Team