What the Future Brings

Dear players,

we hope you are all having a fantastic time and enjoying the summer holidays! We would like to to share our plans for the coming months, filled with amazing updates and new features and experiences.

Hour of Twilight

Mark your calendars! The date of release of the 4.3 patch and the Dragon Soul raid has been chosen: July 17th! Soon the battle shall be brought to Deathwing himself, and with his defeat, the Hour of Twilight shall be averted! Stay tuned for more information about what the new patch entails!

Merge with Apollo

Once the new patch is progressed and the time is right, the path forward is clear: the merge of Apollo and Athena will be the next step, unifying the two communities and allowing you to enjoy the game with your friends from the other realm.

Transfer Service to Mists of Pandaria

By popular demand, we will be introducing a new service to the Account Manager, to allow you to transfer your existing characters to the next expansion, so you can continue your adventures in Pandaria and beyond, for free!

PvP Tournament

We are very grateful for the interest from the PvP community in our projects. We intend to uphold the promise to organize the PvP tournament, however, for technical reasons, it will be hosted on Mists of Pandaria (please see here for details). Don’t worry, all who are eligible will retain their free tickets to the tournament!

Fresh When?

After the merge of the realms, we know many of you will be eagerly waiting for our next Cataclysm realm. While we do plan to release a fresh realm in the future, we want to focus on our existing realms for the time being, so we do not anticipate it coming sooner than 2025.

We hope now you are as excited as we are for what the future brings ‒ let us know on Discord! 😉
Have a wonderful summer and thank you for all your support! ❤️

Athena Team