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Experience and Quality
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Athena is brought to you by TwinStar ‒ a unique World of Warcraft project with quality implementation and enhancing features.

  • The project was launched on the 5th of December 2008, delivering quality and free entertainment for everybody since then.
  • During that time, the whole project has changed a lot and along the way it has achieved some remarkable successes.

Main achievements of the project:

  • TwinHEAD database with interesting guild statistics and bosskills
  • Custom anticheat (which detects malicious software on the client side)
  • Own Armory system for all of our realms
  • Secure character auction (all characters are leveled up properly and in accordance with the server rules by players themselves)
  • Servers based on modern architecture with non-stop availability.


Latest News

  • RDF Anti-Ninja Looting System and More

    Dear players, today, we have a couple of more things to announce! Anti-ninja looting system As we have mentioned in a previous announcement, the new RDF anti-ninja looting system is live (see below for update)! This system introduces many RDF need/greed changes, and while there are some circumstances where they may be inconvenient, we are……

  • Raid Reductions and Resets

    Dear players! We are sure you are all looking forward to the big launch of first Cataclysm raids, happening on Wednesday, 7 PM server time! We are delighted to inform you about an update regarding the upcoming raid reductions, chosen based on the community feedback we received. The initial values we have decided for are……

  • LFG Ninja Looting Measures and Improved Buyback

    Dear players, today we bring you more features and epic updates! 3v3 Arena Event Firstly, we have finished setting up the rewarding mechanism for the 3v3 events, and those of you who participated for the last two rounds have received their rewards! If you wish to win more cool rewards, don’t forget to participate for……

  • Character Boosts Are Here!

    Dear players, we are happy to bring you news of an exclusive update that we believe will add a great deal of convenience to your gaming experience, and a perfect way to support our server. We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Character Boost service, allowing you to get your character instantly to……

  • PvP Improvements and Bonus Event

    Dear players, we hope you are enjoying the realm of Athena with all its glory and multitudes of features. We have some more exciting news for you today! PvP Improvements In an effort to encourage more PvP action, we have lowered the player count requirements for all battlegrounds, specifically: Rated Battlegrounds start with 7v7 at……

  • 2x Profession Bonus and Solo Queue

    Dear players, today we have more exciting updates for you! What many of you have been waiting for has finally happened ‒ the last remaining Cooking Realm First achievement has been claimed today, by Hemp! This means that, as we promised, the 2× permanent profession rate bonus will be enabled after the next restart at……