About Athena

Experience and Quality
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Athena is brought to you by TwinStar ‒ a unique World of Warcraft project with quality implementation and enhancing features.

  • The project was launched on the 5th of December 2008, delivering quality and free entertainment for everybody since then.
  • During that time, the whole project has changed a lot and along the way it has achieved some remarkable successes.

Main achievements of the project:

  • TwinHEAD database with interesting guild statistics and bosskills
  • Custom anticheat (which detects malicious software on the client side)
  • Own Armory system for all of our realms
  • Secure character auction (all characters are leveled up properly and in accordance with the server rules by players themselves)
  • Servers based on modern architecture with non-stop availability.


Latest News

  • Patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight

    Dear players, tomorrow, on July 17th, Athena will face the last patch of Cataclysm, 4.3: Hour of Twilight, bringing the battle to save Azeroth to Deathwing himself! Here’s what you can look forward to: At 8:00 server time, Athena will be restarted with 4.3 content (estimated offline for about 10 minutes). New zone: Darkmoon Island….…

  • Announcing the Private PvE Realm

    Dear players, over the past few months, we have been very grateful for the interest many renowned guilds have had in our Cataclysm implementation and the content we provide. For this reason, we have decided to prepare a special realm with even more options than our Cata PTR realm has offered, including increased privileges and……

  • What the Future Brings

    Dear players, we hope you are all having a fantastic time and enjoying the summer holidays! We would like to to share our plans for the coming months, filled with amazing updates and new features and experiences. Hour of Twilight Mark your calendars! The date of release of the 4.3 patch and the Dragon Soul……

  • We are looking for Event Masters!

    Hello! We would like to let you know that we are now officially recruiting for the Event Master position! If you like the events we have been hosting, and wish to help bring more such fun and enjoyment to others, whether it is parkour, races, or quizzes that you like the most, then this is……

  • Bug Tracker Report Voting

    Dear players, we want to bring our attention to the most requested fixes and focus on those reports that the majority of you can benefit from at this time. For this reason, all past votes on the Cataclysm bug tracker have been reset. Until Sunday, June 9th, you can vote for the most important reports……

  • Introducing TwinAuras

    Dear players, if you are fans of the WeakAuras addon, we have some exciting news to share with you today ‒ we have launched a brand new website, TwinAuras! This website is specifically designed to provide a space for you to share your favourite WeakAuras with other players so that all may benefit from them….…