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Experience and Quality
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Athena is brought to you by TwinStar ‒ a unique World of Warcraft project with quality implementation and enhancing features.

  • The project was launched on the 5th of December 2008, delivering quality and free entertainment for everybody since then.
  • During that time, the whole project has changed a lot and along the way it has achieved some remarkable successes.

Main achievements of the project:

  • TwinHEAD database with interesting guild statistics and bosskills
  • Custom anticheat (which detects malicious software on the client side)
  • Own Armory system for all of our realms
  • Secure character auction (all characters are leveled up properly and in accordance with the server rules by players themselves)
  • Servers based on modern architecture with non-stop availability.


Latest News

  • ⚔️ PvP Arena Tournament

    Dear players, while the Rage of the Firelands is ongoing, we have even hotter news to share with you! We are pleased to announce that we have prepared a grand PvP Arena Tournament for the Athena community and a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your skills and compete against the best, with a chance……

  • Heroic Firelands and Other Information

    Dear players, as the opening of Heroic Firelands is near, we would like to remind you of a few important details that are crucial especially for those who want to attend the upcoming race of Realm First Ragnaros. 📌 We strongly recommend using our Cataclysm client (downloadable at the Athena website) ‒ most clients from……

  • PvP Season 9 Rewards

    Dear players, last week, the gates of ranked battlegrounds and arenas were closed, and before the new PvP season 10 starts tomorrow, we have to evaluate the previous season and announce the winners! You can find more about the methodology of title awarding and PvP rules here. Congratulations to these great players and the main……

  • Patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands

    Dear players, in just two days, on Wednesday, March 20th, the Rage of the Firelands is coming to Athena with the patch 4.2! Soon, the portals to the elemental plane of fire open, and the brave heroes of Azeroth will finally have a chance to put an end to the fiery terror of Ragnaros himself!……

  • TwinStar’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

    Dear players, TwinStar’s Anniversary Celebration is here! The realm of Athena revels as we celebrate 15 years of our project’s age, always delivering quality and free entertainment to our dedicated players. We know that this celebration belongs, more than to us, to you, for always staying with us and supporting us. To those extolled ones……

  • TwinStar 15th Anniversary and More Updates

    Hello! We hope you are having a beautiful day, but if not, today’s news should definitely brighten it! Many of you may not realize it, but TwinStar has been around for quite a long while. In fact, we have recently reached 15 years of existence, which means it is time to celebrate! 🎂 As we……