General Rules

General Rules:

By playing on our project, players agree to adhere to these rules, as well as to our Privacy Policy. Not knowing the rules is not a valid excuse, and will not be accepted by the Athena team.

The Administrator reserves the right to change the project rules at any time..

Players are obliged to observe any changes to the rules as announced either via the Project Athena Homepage or Discord and abide by them.

Players are obliged to follow all the laws of the Czech Republic that are in effect at the current time. Violating this rule will result in immediate punishment of the offender affecting the server and all connected services. The violation will then be formally handed over to official authorities.

It is possible to appeal against a GameMaster’s decision to the GM who made the decision, or to a Head GM. This communication must be by private means, such as private message on Discord or by email. Appeals against bans can only be made for the first 4 weeks after the ban. You can check which languages specific GMs communicate in here.

The Administrator is the highest authority, his decision is final and there is no countermanding his decision

The Administrator reserves the right to revoke a player’s access to the realm and its associated services at his discretion.

Players are obliged to abide by the instructions from any member of the Athena GM team. Not following GM instructions may be punished.

Languages allowed in supported channels:


  • /world: EN
  • /worldcz: CZ/SK
  • /worldes: ES
  • /characterauction: EN

Above-mentioned languages are the only languages in which we are able to consistently provide support. Support requests in other languages may be rejected. Other languages are not allowed in said channels due to our inability to moderate content written in different languages.

Player Behavior:

Server Economy

Players are forbidden from trading characters, accounts, stars, gold or anything else in WoW for real money or from sources other than Twinstar’s services. It is not allowed to trade characters, accounts, or stars for gold, resources, or anything else in-game.

Players are also forbidden to trade Gold/Items/Characters to or from other projects.

Trading/exchanging characters (including Bind on Account items) via public channels is allowed only in the “characterauction” channel: “/join characterauction”.


Botting is use of third party software which automates in-game actions without the need of player presence or participation. Botting is strictly prohibited. However, we make a unique exception specifically for Discord integration software that strictly communicates directly between Discord and our client.


Hacking means using an external program to do things like changing the contents of the memory the client is using, modifying the network traffic, modifying client functionality, tampering with game data files, and similar.

Hacking is strictly prohibited. However, we make an exception for tools used to replace character models, such as tMorph (Staff does not support or help players with this).


Multiboxing means one person playing multiple characters at the same time through the use of third party software. Multiboxing is completely prohibited. In PvE, alt-tabbing between different clients is allowed. Alt-tabbing to different clients is not allowed in any PvP activities.


Exploiting is the use of a bug or glitch, or using elements of a game system in a manner not intended by the game’s designers, in a way that gives a substantial unfair advantage to players using it (or using it to grief other players).

Any form of exploiting is prohibited. All bugs have to be reported in our bug tracker.

Exploiting can include (but is not limited to): abusing pathfinding or line-of-sight in any game location or area to kill a boss, player, or anything else; using quest items, items or vehicles for purposes other than for what they are intended; killing the same boss multiple times per one ID if it respawns sooner than it should.

Power leveling using any form of mob tagging exploit or party exploit is also prohibited.

Random Dungeon Finder

It is forbidden to deliberately obstruct a Random Dungeon Finder group by not meaningfully participating. This includes holding up the group by demanding to be kicked. (If you change your mind about being in an RDF group, you can leave the group on your own).

There are also ninja-looting rules for level 80+ Cataclysm RDF, see here for details.


Spam, or excessive flooding of public channels is prohibited. 5 or more lines in chat in a short time frame is considered spam. It’s also forbidden to write meaningless or inconsequential messages in public channels.

Public channels are: “General“, “/world”, “/characterauction” “/say”, “/yell”, “/emote”, “/trade“, “LocalDefense“, and similar.
Other channels include “/guild”, “/party”, “/raid”, “/whisper”, etc. (i.e. all in-game communication locations)

Excessive vulgarity, offensive language or general toxicity (or anything similar) is prohibited in all channels.

It’s prohibited to undertake hostile or inappropriate attacks against another player based on his religion, nationality or race.

It’s prohibited to use names of characters/pets/guilds/arena teams, which are vulgar, racist or by other means inappropriate. It’s also prohibited to use any name resembling any Athena or TwinStar team member.

It’s prohibited to impersonate other players or spread defamation about them in order to harm their reputation or name.

Violations of these rules must reported via the in-game function Report Player.

It is forbidden to use alternate characters/accounts for the purpose of continuing contact with (e.g.: harassing) a player who added that player’s previous character to his/her ignore list.

In public chat as well as in RDF party and PUG groups chat, or other mass messaging (such as mass whispers), it is prohibited to announce, discuss, or direct players to a raid which requires payment of gold to join or receive loot.


It is prohibited to conduct any Casino (Gambling) type activities.

It is forbidden to send scam mails with the aim of tricking or robbing another player.

Using (or attempting to use) a trade window exploit in order to trick or rob another player is prohibited. This includes rapidly changing gold amount or items in a trade window and selecting “Trade” to effect a scam.

While there is no specific rule against “scamming” in contexts other than above, we investigate actions that appear to be a scam, and may take action based upon the severity. Scammers main account(s) can also be subject of a punishment if “throw away” accounts are being used to scam.

Abusing the Master Looter role in situations where a clear looting agreement was made (and that agreement was not adhered to) is prohibited.
For further information please read our statement on “Ninja Looting”.

Offending/Mocking TwinStar Team Members or the Project

It is prohibited to make inappropriate remarks or insult any TwinStar team member or the project itself in any way, or to mock them or their work in any form. It is also prohibited to impersonate any TwinStar team member.

Any direct or indirect insinuation(s) of possible links between a team member and their regular player identity (should they also play on the server) is strictly prohibited (whether joking or not).

All of our work is voluntary and done in our free time. Constructive criticism is welcome, you can contact any member of the TwinStar team with feedback corresponding to their specialization.

Abusing Player Support

It is forbidden to use player support for purposes other than those they serve.

Avoiding Punishment

It is prohibited to avoid any form of punishment (mute, ban, IP ban, …) by using a different account or IP address to commit additional offenses.

Player Support:

Ticket System

In-game tickets are only to be used for issues related to only one player or character and which can be resolved by a Gamemaster.

You can find a guide how to write tickets here. We are able to service tickets written in EN/CZ/SK languages only. Tickets in other languages may be closed without a reply. Stating which supported language(s) you can communicate in can speed up the processing of your ticket.

Examples of what the in-game ticket system is to be used for are as follows:

    • Guild name change service
    • Item restoration (possible in some cases / may be a service in some cases)
    • Impossible to complete a quest
    • Bugged character statistics
    • Disappearance of an already learned spell
    • Raid ID problems, such as bosses that respawned too soon or are missing, or boss corpse cannot be reached
    • A character is stuck/falling or unable to be logged into
    • Complaint about another player’s behavior that can not be reported using the in-game Complaint System
    • Account was compromised
    • Mechanical issue within the game world
    • Appeals
    • Ninja looter blacklist removal (after time served)

Bug Tracker

Players are obligated to report any bugs in the game via the Bug Tracker. Failing to do so or abusing a bug instead of reporting immediately will be punished based on the discretion of the Athena Team.

If you do not know how to report a bug, please go to this

Examples of what to report via the Bug Tracker:

    • Global issues (problems that concern not only you, but more (or all) players)
    • Bugged quests, bugged pet abilities or problems which due to their nature are not resolvable in-game by a GM
    • Bugged spell/ item
    • NPC, Game Object or loot is missing or bugged

Complaint System/Report Player

The in-game report system is used to report inappropriate behavior of other players within the game. To use this, right-click the character name in chat (or health bar portrait), and select “Report Player”.

It’s possible to report a player for chat-related offenses (see the Chat section), inappropriate name (character, pet, guild, Arena team), or for Cheating (such as botting, hacking, multiboxing). In Cheating reports, write about what you saw in the text window provided. Screenshots can be helpful in some cases (send to Gamemaster team using Discord).

Loot Restoration

Athena Team resolves loot issues only from Cataclysm raid instances under certain circumstances. Issues must be submitted via a Discord ticket (a guide is in the #read-first channel), in the correct format and contain all information. Incomplete Discord tickets or tickets not following the format may be rejected. If you are unsure, feel free to look at some examples here.

Loot restoration requests have to be submitted as soon as possible after the incident. Significantly delayed requests may be rejected.

Loot issues from raids are subject to Loot Incident Quota, this means that only so many items can be refunded per raid group in a set time frame.

Athena Team has limited ability to restore items, achievements, items bought from vendors or from the auction house, or lost by a server crash or by a player accident. Team is unable to restore mail, gold or other currency (honor points, valor points, …). .


Depending on the nature and severity of the offense, punishments may vary from verbal warnings, mutes, item deletion, suspension (ban) of account(s) (short term, long term, permanent, and/or IP). Punishments may also be linked to other TwinStar services (Discord, forum, Facebook, …).

Punishments are effective immediately.


  • Players are obligated to report actions of other players that are found to be breaking server rules. The report may be directed to any GM who is a part of the Athena Team either via PM or the #ticket-submit channel in Athena Discord, or via Complaint system.
  • While sharing an account is not explicitly prohibited, it is not recommended. If a shared account is used for rule-breaking, this may not be considered a mitigating factor in terms of accessing account penalties/punishment. In the event of rule-breaking using a shared account, penalties may also be imposed on the rule-breaker’s other accounts.
  • It is forbidden to advertise other projects with the same or similar focus as TwinStar.
  • It is forbidden to advertise any form of warez/porn, including materials linking to warez/porn.

Last update 5.5.2024