RDF Anti-Ninja Looting System and More

Dear players,

today, we have a couple of more things to announce!

Anti-ninja looting system

As we have mentioned in a previous announcement, the new RDF anti-ninja looting system is live (see below for update)! This system introduces many RDF need/greed changes, and while there are some circumstances where they may be inconvenient, we are hoping that the overall effect will be positive.

Here is a quick summary:

  • Trinkets, rings, shields, off-hands, necks, relics, and backs have new, restrictive need roll requirements which are based upon your class and spec.
  • Only druids can roll need for intellect leather.
  • Resto/balance druids can not roll need for agility items (pending update).
  • Only shamans can roll need for intellect mail.
  • Only hunters and enhancement shamans can roll need for agility mail.
  • Only paladins can roll need for intellect plate.
  • Weapons need availability is more aligned with your class and spec.

We understand some of you will like to provide feedback, and we encourage you to report any situation where items may appear to be mis-assigned for a spec or class. In addition, we have set up a thread on Discord for you to provide suggestions and discuss this system. Your feedback is integral to refining it and ensuring that all of you can benefit from it, so please share your experiences and ideas. Please keep in mind, that the new roll restrictions on off-pieces are intended to get you into the pieces that you want the most while also giving others that same chance.

For each item you cannot need but maybe you would have liked to have (like Blood Death Knight and the Conch of Thundering Waves), there should be a different item which is expected to be correct for you and for which you have the priority need roll (such as the Stalagmite Dragon). In the case of Death Knights for example, all can need for the haste/mastery relic (Record of the Brotherhood’s End). If you’re on a BDK and you want the crit/hit one, don’t forget that you have a separate mainline one for BDK, and therefore Unholy DK (and the occasional Frost DK) has to have one too!


We have gathered countless valuable feedback from you, and a lot of insight about what situations this system prevents and what situations it creates.

Based on these facts, we have disabled this system for the moment, so everything is back to the default again. We will use the gathered data to evaluate the degree of improvement this has brought to you, and we will try to refine the conditions that we have set up. We want to hear your voice and know your opinion in all of this, so please join us on Discord for follow-up discussion.

Heroic raids launch time

In case you missed the previous announcements, raids start tomorrow at 7 PM server time, and the heroics will open a week later at the same hour!

Obsolete login server domains

To ensure smooth logins, remember to stick to the *.twinstar-wow.com login servers in your realmlists. We have noticed people still using the old twinstar.cz realmlist or even concrete IP addresses ‒ these realmlists are no longer efficient and may stop being functional in the future, so please use only those offered by our How to connect guide.

Thank you for your continued support, and enjoy!

Athena Team