Raid Reductions and Resets

Dear players!

We are sure you are all looking forward to the big launch of first Cataclysm raids, happening on Wednesday, 7 PM server time! We are delighted to inform you about an update regarding the upcoming raid reductions, chosen based on the community feedback we received. The initial values we have decided for are as follows:

10-man normal damage reduction: 17.5%
10-man normal heal/absorb reduction: 15%
25-man normal damage reduction: 12.5%
25-man normal heal/absorb reduction: 10%

10-man heroic damage reduction: 30%
10-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 25%
25-man heroic damage reduction: 20%
25-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 17.5%

After Realm Firsts, all values will be decreased by 2.5 %pt. on the next reset:

10-man normal damage reduction: 15%
10-man normal heal/absorb reduction: 12.5%
25-man normal damage reduction: 10%
25-man normal heal/absorb reduction: 7.5%

10-man heroic damage reduction: 27.5%
10-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 22.5%
25-man heroic damage reduction: 17.5%
25-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 15%

After 3 weeks, heroic reductions will be decreased by 2.5 %pt. again:

10-man heroic damage reduction: 25%
10-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 20%
25-man heroic damage reduction: 15%
25-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 12.5%

Based on another suggestion, we have also moved the raid reset time by 3 hours, to 8 AM server time!

We hope you like these values and updates, and enjoy the launch of raids on Wednesday. Whether it’s the scorching breath of Valiona and Theralion or the pulsating battle with Omnotron Defense System or unbound winds of Al’Akir, we hope you enjoy raiding to the fullest!

We wish you lots of luck in the fights to come!

Athena Team