TwinStar’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

Dear players,

TwinStar’s Anniversary Celebration is here! The realm of Athena revels as we celebrate 15 years of our project’s age, always delivering quality and free entertainment to our dedicated players.

We know that this celebration belongs, more than to us, to you, for always staying with us and supporting us. To those extolled ones who consider TwinStar their home, we present these gifts:

  • Throughout the duration of the celebration, i.e. from now to March 24th, all players on our realms will get to receive a special unique achievement for attending the celebration. As we cannot create custom content without forcing a custom client on players, this achievement is WoW’s 4th Anniversary, available to redeem at the TwinStar NPC in capital cities, but we assure you ‒ it is no less special!
  • All items and services in the Donate Shop will have a 15% discount. This is a perfect opportunity for those who support us to get their dream mount, pet, or transmog!
  • The bonus weekend will be extended for the duration of the whole next week! Enjoy increased experience, reputation, and more during this momentous occasion!
  • All existing or new Discord Nitro Boosters will get an extra 100⭐ if they have an active boost at any point during the celebration!
  • On Saturday, we will host an Event Day on Athena throughout the whole day. Don’t miss out on seeing what our event masters have in store, including a brand new PvP battle event, and get a chance to win valuable rewards! More details coming on Saturday.
  • Lastly, we present a chance for all of you to win a rare valuable mount from the aptly named Old School Ride collection, in our first Discord Giveaway! You can find more information about the giveaway by joining our Discord server.

We’ve come a long way together, and it’s your passion and dedication that have shaped our project into the thriving community it is today. We could not be more happier for this opportunity, and we will do our best to continue this journey with you, filled with more adventures and endless possibilities. Let’s make this anniversary a celebration to remember!

To our grand adventure, and to the next 15 years!

TwinStar Team