Realm Firsts Taken

Dear players,

we hope you are having a great day and a lot of fun on Athena! We are here today to celebrate the achievements of the mighty champions of our realm, who relentlessly pursued their goals and endured to the end. We would like to highlight their tremendous efforts ‒ a round of applause to all of the following!

Realm First! Level 80

The first hero to reach the end of the long journey to level 80 was the great orcish death knight, Razx, getting there in 11 hours and 49 minutes after the launch! Congratulations to him, as well as the others who reached the top for their respective class or race: Boneymcbone (Human Paladin), Bassengodx (Gnome Rogue), Tight (Troll Shaman), Harakiry (Tauren Druid), Nen (Night Elf), Stepbro (Dwarf), Wantpeace (Draenei), Silentjill (Forsaken), Nait (Blood Elf), Kipale (Warrior), Adblockloll (Hunter), Posenrankone (Mage), Itskromh (Priest), and Joojitsu (Warlock). You are amongst the best!

Ultimate Achievement Challenge

While most achievements from our challenge wait for the launch of 4.0.6 on Saturday, we’ve already had two winners: Sixman, who, within the 1st minute of Athena‘s life, plunged heroically from the KTC Headquarters on Kezan, but tamed gravity and survived, followed by many more brave souls, and Mokapot, the Master Angler and the first to win the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza!

Congratulations! Your names have been written to the Hall of Fame for all to see and know, and for you to revel in your victories. But don’t tire yet ‒ the Cataclysm content is nearing, and with it plenty more to achieve!

Enjoy, and see you soon!

Athena Team