New Features and Updates

Dear players,

we would like to bring you several news and updates from our realm! First of all, we have these improvements for you in store:

  • The special transmogrification system has been refined, allowing limitless transmogrification options, including all weapon combinations!
  • The drop chance of Eternal Embers has been restored to the original values, meaning you can enjoy full 100 % drop rate in Heroic mode!
  • We are also making attempts to extend our shared loot improvements to other Firelands quests, such as Delegation!
  • Justice Quartermasters have received Head and Shoulder Tokens for Justice Points!

After the raid reset on Wednesday, we will also decrease the raid reduction values, as follows:


10-man heroic damage reduction: 10%
10-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 5%
25-man heroic damage reduction: 0%
25-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 0%


10-man normal damage reduction: 12.5%
10-man normal heal/absorb reduction: 10%
25-man normal damage reduction: 10%
25-man normal heal/absorb reduction: 7.5%

10-man heroic damage reduction: 25%
10-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 20%
25-man heroic damage reduction: 22.5%
25-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 17.5%

We would also like to give you a brief update on the upcoming PvP Tournament! Thank you to everyone who participated during the PvP week. We are currently reviewing logs for any issues. However, due to the increased wintrade, we may need to adjust the prize money awarded to the winners of the tournament to reflect the real participation and level of competition, as well as the interest in tournament tickets. Nevertheless, we remain committed to the plan, and we will use our resources to make future tournaments even grander. Stay tuned for further information, which will be shared once the evaluation is done.

Lastly, for the enjoyers of our testing realm Cata PTR, we would like to let you know that Heroic raid difficulties will not require achievements to enter anymore!

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm, and we wish you happy gaming!

Athena Team