Heroic Firelands and Other Information

Dear players,

as the opening of Heroic Firelands is near, we would like to remind you of a few important details that are crucial especially for those who want to attend the upcoming race of Realm First Ragnaros.

📌 We strongly recommend using our Cataclysm client (downloadable at the Athena website) ‒ most clients from other websites are modified and can lead to serious problems and game crashes (especially if you are using the unsupported 64-bit client) during your progression!

🕖 Gates of Heroic Firelands will open at 19:00 server time so EU and NA players have the same chance in the battle for Realm First Ragnaros.

📈 As announced previously, damage and healing reductions of the Heroic difficulty are set to these values:

10-man heroic damage reduction: 32.5%
10-man heroic healing/absorb reduction: 27.5%

25-man heroic damage reduction: 30%
25-man heroic healing/absorb reduction: 27.5%

🏆 When our most dedicated and brave heroes defeat Heroic Ragnaros, we will split 25-man and 10-man raid IDs again. Assuming this happens within the first ID, the ID split will be enabled again after the ID reset on the next Wednesday!

⚔️ The PvP season has been evaluated ‒ congratulations to the Season Gladiators Lenns, Bestwrld, and Wantpeace (full details here). The new season will be brought to you tomorrow, and with it, Occu’thar shall appear in Baradin Hold.

⭐ We are extremely grateful for all the new players that have decided to try out Athena ‒ during the past few weeks, we gained over 3000 more active players, and the amount of newly created accounts almost doubled too. Thank you so much for your growing interest in our project, allowing us to bring top-quality entertainment to so many players, and we wish you a lot of fun!

We wish you the best of luck on your fiery journey! 🔥

Athena Team