Changelog 11.11.2023 – 28.02.2024 (100 fixes)

Spells (9)
#21975 Added missing Water Gliding effect when accepting some daily quests in Orgrimmar, Stormwind City and Tol Barad Peninsula
#13169 Fixed position desynchronization that occurs when Bad Manner is used against a moving player
#6844 Chimera Shot now triggers its heal immediately when it launches, instead of when it hits the target
#385 Fixed a bug which caused Fan of Knives to have a short cooldown
#21928 Pick Lock can no longer fail with “Failed attempt” error
#444 Bane of Havoc now tries to damage other nearby enemies if the target with active Bane of Havoc is not a valid target anymore
#444 Physical damage now also transfers to Bane of Havoc’s target
#444 Reflected Bane of Havoc now correctly damages the casting Warlock
#12227 Reworked handling
Dungeons (40)
#15679 Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom Reworked some boss encounters in Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom
#3340 Baradin Hold Both factions can now enter Baradin Hold while cross-faction is enabled, regardless of who is currently in control of Tol Barad (custom change for Athena)
#3340 Baradin Hold Adjusted loot in Baradin Hold to support cross-faction groups
#15538 Blackrock Depths Corrections to Ring of Law boss encounters
#11872 Blackwing Descent Atramedes – Corrected Roaring Flame Breath behavior, it should no longer constantly change chased targets
#11872 Blackwing Descent Nefarian’s End – Dominion no longer sometimes kills players immediately after application
#11872 Blackwing Descent Magmaw – Lava Parasites now correctly enter combat with players 3 seconds after being summoned
#11872 Blackwing Descent Nefarian’s End – Army of the Dead Ghouls can no longer taunt Nefarian
#11872 Blackwing Descent Chimaeron – Caustic Slime can no longer interrupt Feud
#11872 Blackwing Descent Nefarian’s End – Electrocute is no longer delayed when Nefarian is casting one of his spells
#11872 Blackwing Descent Nefarian’s End – Chromatic Prototypes no longer become idle during transition to the last phase, they now correctly continue using their Blast Nova
#11872 Blackwing Descent Nefarian’s End – Added one missing text used by Nefarian when he casts Berserk
#11872 Blackwing Descent Maloriak – Flash Freeze now correctly despawns when Flash Freeze debuff expires
#11872 Blackwing Descent Atramedes – Players now have to complete intro event again after instance soft reset in order to summon Atramedes
#11872 Blackwing Descent Magmaw – Nefarian’s Blazing Inferno now prefers players in ranged talent specialization
#11872 Blackwing Descent Magmaw – A warning is now correctly displayed if players don’t chain Magmaw to the spike in the required time frame
#11872 Blackwing Descent Magmaw – Lava Parasites now also reset the encounter if they get to the area below the stairs to Magmaw’s room
#11872 Blackwing Descent Magmaw – Blazing Bone Construct now resets the encounter if he gets to the area below the stairs to Magmaw’s room, instead of above the stairs
Dire Maul Reworked event with Highborne Summoners after the shield is removed
Dire Maul Reworked Crystal Generators
#12638 Grim Batol Players can no longer ride Battered Red Drakes twice
#12638 Grim Batol Portal to Grim Batol in Twilight Highlands is now visible in all phases
#12638 Grim Batol Erudax no longer announces Shield of Nightmares if Faceless Corruptor is dead
#997 Halls of Origination Isiset – Celestial Familiar’s death no longer causes Mirror Images phase to cancel
#6713 Hellfire Ramparts Nazan & Vazruden – Attempt to fix a problem with Nazan sometimes not landing properly
#7992 Karazhan Players no longer need to complete a questline in order to summon Nightbane
#7986 Old Hillsbrad Foothils | The Escape from Durnholde Corrected saving of completed events and boss encounters
#11615 Pit of Saron Improved Scourgelord Tyrannus boss encounter and some other changes
#15525 Razorfen Downs Reworked some boss encounters in Razorfen Downs
#8756 Serpentshrine Cavern Lady Vashj – Increased despawn timer of dead Tainted Elementals
#8756 Serpentshrine Cavern The Lurker Below – Boss no longer resets when players exit the water
#10402 Temple of Ahn’Qiraj C’Thun – Improvements to boss encounter
#7713 The Deadmines Reworked some boss encounters in The Deadmines
#16672 The Eye of Eternity Malygos – Fixed damage of Arcane Barrage
#16672 The Eye of Eternity Malygos – Reworked Arcane Overload
#16672 The Eye of Eternity Malygos – Reworked Hover Discs
#9762 The Vortex Pinnacle Asaad – Corrected health and mana on Normal difficulty
#13271 Throne of the Tides Neptulon can no longer respawn after the final boss encounter is completed
#11921 Violet Hold Zuramat the Obliterator – Void Sentries now correctly despawn when Zuramat the Obliterator is defeated
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Reworked some boss encounters in Zul’Gurub
Mechanics (1)
#11485 Guild Experience Guild Experience is now uncapped for all guild levels (custom change for Athena)
General (10)
Cataclysm Dungeons Improved handling of boss encounter doors in The Stonecore, Throne of the Tides and Halls of Origination
Cataclysm Dungeons Bosses in The Stonecore, Throne of the Tides and Halls of Origination now correctly reset if they leave their encounter area
#21010 Creature Movement Improved creature behavior when chasing players who suddenly stop moving – this should reduce the chance for creatures to run past the player
#10907 Global – Pets / Guardians Pets now teleport to their follow target if no valid path exists (improvements for Nefarian’s End encounter in Blackwing Descent)
Instance Lock Instance lock is no longer shared between 10-Man and 25-Man difficulties (custom change for Athena)
Money Loot Added money loot for many creatures in Cataclysm zones
PvP Medallion Exchange Added an option to exchange PvP Medallions between their Alliance and Horde versions to Twinstar NPC (custom change for Athena to support cross-faction Baradin Hold)
Riding Trainers Some Riding Trainers no longer display exchange quests for old mounts if player doesn’t have these mounts in inventory
The Crucible of Carnage Quest credits for all “The Crucible of Carnage” quests are now awarded to all players in range
The Ring of Blood Reworked the entire “The Ring of Blood” questline in Nagrand
Quests (29)
Classes – Death Knight
#3227 Reduced starting timer for battle
Dungeons – Grim Batol
#22146 Killing Trogg Dwellers now correctly counts in “Trogg Dweler slain” criteria
Eastern Kingdoms – Deadwind Pass
#21578 Reworked quest event
Eastern Kingdoms – Gilneas
#20696 Reworked “Last Chance at Humanity” quest
#5474 Corrections to “The Hungry Ettin” quest
#5487 Players are no longer stuck in combat after completing “They Have Allies, But So Do We” quest
Eastern Kingdoms – Silverpine Forest
#15550 Corrections to “Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III” quest
Eastern Kingdoms – Twilight Highlands
#3721 Fixed a bug which caused creatures related to “Draconic Mending” quest to spawn in excessive numbers
#4697 Corrections to “Drag ’em Down” quest
#4523 Corrections to “Fight Like a Wildhammer” quest
#4652 Fixed missing quest giver flag
Corrections to “The Crucible of Carnage: The Earl of Evisceration!” quest
Eastern Kingdoms – Western Plaguelands
#4678 Zen’Kiki now correctly attacks Diseased Hawks
#2931 Corrected event with Darkmaster Gandling (both Alliance and Horde versions)
Kalimdor – Durotar
#915 Vol’jin no longer gets stuck in combat when the event starts
Kalimdor – Dustwallow Marsh
#7345 Corrections to “The Grimtotem Weapon” quest
Kalimdor – Mount Hyjal
#1329 Reworked spawning of creatures related to “In the Rear With the Gear” quest
#2254 Spirit of Lo’Gosh/Spirit of Goldrinn can now be summoned while casting
Kalimdor – Un\’Goro Crater
#4516 Killing Packs of Juvenile Bloodpetals now correctly awards quest credit
Northrend – Borean Tundra
#14579 Fixed quest credit after cinematic ends
Northrend – Howling Fjord
#5576 Players can now correctly drop off Sacks of Relics
#22048 Added more spawn positions for Iron Dwarf Relics
#5935 Reworked “Warning: Some Assembly Required” quest
Northrend – Icecrown
#22145 Corrections to “Assault by Air” quest (both Alliance and Horde versions)
Outland – Blade\’s Edge Mountains
#13324 Harbinger of the Raven no longer resets when attacked
Outland – Hellfire Peninsula
#13646 Corrections to “Arelion’s Secret” quest
The Maelstrom – Tol Barad Peninsula
#2250 Quest reworked (both Alliance and Horde versions)
#5346 Fixed interaction with Stonespeaker’s Luring Totem
#2436 Corrections to event after completion
Achievements (2)
#22178 Improved handling of “Don’t Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet” achievement
Food chairs now display the correct model for players
NPCs (7)
Servants of Therazane no longer award experience on kill
Mount Hyjal
Young Twilight Drakes no longer respawn instantly
Added collision to prevent players from standing on Auctioneer Sowata (custom change for Athena)
#21603 Players can now access vendor inventory even when exalted with Cenarion Circle
Terokkar Forest
#22190 Empoor now correctly respawns a few minutes after his death even if his Bodyguard didn’t die
Twilight Highlands
#5709 Falling below 90% health now correctly removes Dark Whispers
Multiple Locations
#9133 Wounded Mor’shan Defender no longer attack nearby enemies
Items (2)
#22131 Loaned Gryphon Reins can now be used even when not knowing Expert Riding or Cold Weather Flying
Loaned Wind Rider Reins can now be used even when not knowing Expert Riding or Cold Weather Flying