Bosskills and More News

Dear players,

we wish to update you on a few developments taking place on our realm.

Following a recent poll for our dedicated players, we have scheduled an update for tomorrow at approximately 10 AM. As part of this update, these changes will be deployed:

  • Chaos Orbs will transition to being account-bound, remaining as such until 4.3 where they will turn to being fully tradeable.

  • Unlimited Transmog. Special Transmogrification will now allow you to carry out transmogrification irrespective of armor type, i.e. Cloth on Plate, etc.

Now our plan for the near future:

  • As the suggestion for non-unique Heroic IDs was well-received (80:20), we are working to implement it.

  • We also acknowledge the ongoing cross-faction imbalance issue within Tol Barad, and we will try to focus on a solution.

  • In addition, the Bonus Weekends system is under a complete overhaul. Our intent is to give you more control of the bonus, closer to retail. Once the new, complex system is done, it will be applied to both our expansions.

We are also getting close to the next Cataclysm patch, Rise of the Zandalari, coming to Athena in less than a month. We will make sure that everything is ready for you to experience the next step in the Cataclysmic journey!

We would like to invite all of you to participate in our new open-source project at Developed by a team of dedicated freelancers, the project is gradually evolving into a complex system ‒ big thanks to hop for his commitment and enthusiasm. If you would like to offer your help, feel free to reach out to Jeniczek or hop on Discord directly, or check out the code at GitHub. Contributions are welcome, especially in the areas of design and coding. As one of the most recent features, there is a dedicated page with comprehensive charts for all bosses and difficulties (example). The site now also features stats for Athena, enabling players to compare performance.

Thank you for all your support! ❤️

Athena Team